Creating an Urban Homestead


As recently as 2005, I was a gainfully-employed photojournalist making top-scale union wages, living with my husband Michael Prichard, 2 children, one dog, one cat, and several gardens in a 1950’s -era ranch house in Birmingham, Alabama. We were vegetarian, but ate like royalty; Mike was a genius in the kitchen–ask anyone who ever dined with us.

Then I got laid off and started two businesses with Mike.

In 2007, we were on course to make more money doing media work and renovating houses than we ever did working for the man. Things were looking pretty peachy.

Then Mike electrocuted himself in the grow room (yes THAT kind of grow room), and I was thrust into the world of single parenthood in the blink of an eye.

Today, I am a self-employed (read chronically underemployed) widow with 2 children, one cat, two beehives, and several gardens living in a 1950’s era ranch house in Birmingham, Alabama. I also have a shitload of fireants that I hope to get rid of by acquiring four chickens in the near future. My son Avery and I are now omnivores and I am 10 pounds lighter (I’m not nearly as inspired a cook as Mike was). Marley is the lone vegetarian holdout. Militant, just like her dad.

We’ve recently named our spread “The Okey Dokey Ranch.” (And to the few negative twits out there, just because Mike died here doesn’t mean I’m moving–I bought the house and I’m staying here). I also have a sweet boyfriend named–you guessed it–Michael aka “Flash” who has added a dose of humor and sanity to our existence.

More on him later.

This blog will chronicle our adventures together. At the very least I hope to make you laugh and reassure you that someone out in the world has a life AT LEAST as crazy as yours.

Probably crazier.

Dealing with the sensationalized death of your spouse opens up a whole new chapter. For me, besides the obvious grief and horror, it means trying new things and not giving a damn what other people think.

After all, you only live once.

This bio will be updated and refined. Just thought I’d give you a glimmer of where I’m coming from :)

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